AVO Cigars Syncro Fogata Launch Influencer Kit

AVO Cigars Syncro Fogata Launch Influencer Kit

Like Bespoke Swag

NCG was tasked with developing a unique influencer kit for Davidoff of Geneva's launch of the new AVO Syncro Fogata. Taking inspiration from the adventure and discovery of the Fogata product DNA, NCG leveraged a water-proof pelican case as the vessel to deliver influencers this new release. In the case was a box of AVO Syncro Fogata toro cigars, along with custom branded accessories: Suunto Watch, Flashlight, Branded Knife, Waterproof Matches, and Firestarter.

The AVO Syncro Fogata influencer kit contributed to over 10,000 impressions on social media and helped kickstart a windfall of positive product reviews.



TASK : Branded Accessories, Marketing

DATE : June 2016

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