Camacho American Barrel-Aged Rocks Glass Set

Camacho American Barrel-Aged Rocks Glass Set

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NCG was tasked with developing a unique and custom gift with purchase to support the launch of Camacho's innovative new product line, American Barrel-Aged. Being the new product is inspired by bourbon, we decided to develop a kickass set of rocks glass, each with their own unique ice ball mold and a custom tin outer. The glass was designed with a hump on the inner part of the glass, so that the ice ball would not settle in the base and would continuously rotate across the glass. The ice ball mold featured Camacho's famed scorpion moniker, which would be molded into each ice ball.

This custom NCG developed gift with purchase helped generate huge revenue for the brand and generated enormous excitement around this launch.

CLIENT : Camacho Cigars

TASK : Branded Accessories, Product Design, Global Sourcing

DATE : June 2015

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